Trends in Medicine Weekly News Roundup: 6-2-17

Harvard Institutes in Medicine building

In case you missed it…

Here are some stories we are following from Harvard Medical School and our affiliated hospitals, instructors, and researchers for the week of May 26:

1. Institute for Protein Research Launched
HMS researchers have launched a nonprofit Institute for Protein Innovation that “aims to create a massive, openly available resource of protein technologies to accelerate drug discovery and development.”
Read more: Amping Up Antibodies by Nancy Fliesler, Harvard Medical School News

2. Organ Trafficking—A New Form of Slavery
Dr. Francis Delmonico continues to lead the battle against organ trafficking and transplant tourism while developing international ethical standards for doctors to follow. “The people who are engaged in this activity all went to medical school and they all got training [said Danovitch]…They’re surgeons and physicians…It’s our problem to deal with it…It’s our black mark.”
Read more: One doctor’s war against global organ trafficking by Ryan Connelly Holmes and Dan Sagalyn, PBS NewsHour

3. The Future of Football
Football fans will find this discussion of the Harvard Football Players Health Study provides fascinating insights into the health and safety of our NFL players.
Listen to: The Sean Pendergast Show Dr. Glenn Cohen, Harvard Law Professor, CBS Sports Radio

4. Blue By You
People may avoid colonoscopies because they don’t care for the invasive procedure that involves fasting, laxatives, and inserting a camera into the rectum. Could studying color-changing bacteria in feces instead be the tweak that allows medical professionals to diagnose and treat more cases of inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer, and other diseases linked to the gut?
Read: Gene tweak in gut bacteria could turn faeces blue if you’re ill, by Claire Wilson, New Scientist

5. Macrophages and Nanoparticles to Battle Cancer
Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have identified a way for macrophages to play a role in improved cancer therapies.
Read: Radiation therapy, macrophages improve efficacy of nanoparticle-delivered cancer therapy, Medical Xpress

To stay up to date on the latest published articles by HMS-affiliated researchers, visit the Harvard Medical School Paper Chase database.

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