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Harvard Medical School Global Academy is a learning center providing doctors, researchers, and health care professionals around the world with medical education that is current, authoritative, trustworthy, and accessible.

Trends in Medicine, a blog of HMS Global Academy, is a site where health care professionals can find and share carefully researched and thoughtfully written content with one another on a global scale.

Trends in Medicine focuses on developments in medicine and health care including drugs, tools, treatments, and therapies that have been recently introduced, are being developed, or are in research worldwide, as well as on emerging healthcare issues that affect medical communities around the globe.

Guest Submissions:

When submitting content to Trends in Medicine for publication, please email Include “Trends in Medicine blog submission” in the subject line and follow these guidelines:

All posts must be original. They cannot be published elsewhere online, nor can they be offered to other online entities for publication once they appear on Trends in Medicine. Duplicate content is detrimental to a website’s ranking, and ultimately, will adversely affect the author as well.

Minimum 250 words. Please submit as an MS Word document. We will provide a featured photo.

Do not include images with your posts unless you own the rights to them, and be prepared to back up your claim if such is the case. Images may not be copied from the internet.

Other Copyrighted Materials:
You must properly cite all source material you include in your posts including charts and graphs, and provides links to resources that are available online. The HMS Global Academy Team reserves the right to remove material from your post that is not protected under Fair Use.

Subject Matter:
Our tagline is: A global perspective on medical advancements

A wide range of posts on health care and medical advancements are acceptable, but here are some suggestions. Posts may:

  • relay expert medical information related to topics trending in the news.
  • enlighten health care professionals on issues they are facing today, or are expected to face in the near future.
  • draw attention to relevant new studies.
  • tie in to topics that are being addressed within Global Academy’s continuing medical education courses.

We accept guest submissions from credentialed health care professionals. You should hear from us within two weeks as to whether your post is accepted for publication or not. If accepted, you will be asked to provide a high-quality head shot and a short bio to include at the end of your post. You may also use your bio to link to outside material you want your readers to explore, such as a profile page or additional publications you have authored. We reserve the right to remove links that are not a good fit for the Harvard Medical School or Harvard Medical School Global Academy brand.

HMS Global Academy is offering credentialed health professionals $150 for an accepted guest post, or $500 for three accepted guest posts delivered within two-months time.